analysis of interview interview social worker victim services 1

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You have to visit the agency, interview the social worker in a victim services and collect the following information:

duties, what type of academic and agency training the practitioner has gone

through, legal/ethical considerations/limitations the practitioner must work with

 a discussion of any personal/professional impacts the worker is experiencing

stemming from working in domestic violence

interview the social worker and ask to answer these question.

create more questions to ask the social worker

1- Is Domestic violence usually gender based? and why ?

2- Who can help the victims beside the legal assistance?

3- What type od techniques you use to comfort the victims?

4- Are Victims having common behavior?

You are to write a ten page, APA formatted analysis of the interview:

 the paper will summarize and describe the different information collected

 the paper will include an analysis of the information collected, the analysis must

include at least eight different citations – these may be the text book plus seven

peer reviewed readings; discuss how the different information collected is reflected

in the readings; please refer to the Course Information section for information on

locating journal articles that you can apply to your discussion of the interview.

 Please refer to the following items for information on writing tips that may help you.

They are the same tips you used for the literature review

Location of scholarly articles

On a separate page name it” Experience”

Describe your experience with practitioner interview you completed. In your discussion, present areas of strength and areas in need of development, in domestic violence services, that you discovered in the process of the interview. Discuss the way in which you agree or disagree with the interviewee’s comments, and apply ideas from the text, credible Internet sites or relevant print resources, to frame your personal viewpoint, and what you have learned from this course activity.

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