business goals and ideas

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Business Goals


504 Technologies has been offering its specialized productivity software for about a decade and has seen excellent success. At this point in time, the CEO wants to branch out in new directions. During a managers’ meeting, the following ideas were suggested : a special game for high schoolers to introduce them to the main software, offering training and/or certification for the software, adding new cloud-based CRM software, adding web hosting to its services, developing database software that can compete with major companies’ products, or even adding a line of hardware, as there is a small hardware company that is looking for a buy-out. The CEO has said that all ideas related to technology will be considered .


Decide what new business goal 504 Technologies could pursue. You may choose one of the ideas from the meeting (listed above) or think of your own new idea, as long as it directly relates to technology. If you are not sure your idea is suitable, ask your professor early in the unit.

Compose your goal plan and include:

  • A well-written goal statement that includes the purpose and value, with a measurement that would signal final success.
  • Two major objectives (methods) to meet the goal.
  • At least three strategies (measurable actions) to meet each of the objectives.

Other requirements:

  • Write 200–250 words total for this part of the assignment.
  • Write clear and direct statements and avoid metaphors or other ambiguities. Write in complete sentences.
  • The use of first person (I, me, we) is not appropriate.
  • Do not quote or copy from sources; this is an exercise in critical thinking, so your content should come from your own ideas.
  • Use the first-level subheading Business Goal Plan (bold and centered)
  • Clearly label your goal, objectives, and strategies as such .
  • Use the format shown below to present your ideas. You may use a bulleted list or invent a numbering system:

Outline format shown with bullets. Goal is aligned left. Each of the two objectives are indented, each with three strategies indented further to the right under them.

Technology Adoption Models


  • Find the assigned Kogan eBook reading for this unit. Choose any two models from Chapters 2–35 only.
  • Find additional appropriate source ( s) either in the library or online so that you have two sources (Kogan and another) for each of the models you examine. If you are not sure your choices are appropriate, ask your professor for guidance early in the unit.


For each of your two chosen models, identify the model by name and explain any history associated with it (if known). Describe how the model works and how technology is involved .

Other requirements:

  • Write 200–250 words for each of your two chosen models.
  • Write completely in your own words, without quoting or copying from your sources, but remember to cite your sources properly using APA standards. Since you must use both the Kogan book and another source, there must be at least two different citations for each model.
  • The use of first person (I, me, we) is not appropriate.
  • Use the first-level subheading Technology Adoption Models (bold and centered).
  • Use APA second-level subheadings for each of two models (bold, left-aligned). Use the name of the models as these subheadings, and do not number them.

Putting the Assignment Together

In one Word document:

  • APA-standard cover page, with descriptive paper title, not the course or unit number.
  • Body pages with both the business goal plan and the technology adoption models research (in that order).
  • Reference page with APA entries for the sources used for the technology adoption models. Note that the Kogan reference entry is given to you in the Reading PDF.
  • Do not include an abstract or table of contents, and do not insert tables or images.
  • As always, do not copy any of the instructions into your document.

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