Course Project – Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography. I’m doing paper in on Decreases stress and burn-out among employees.

If you are unfamiliar with how to create an Annotated Bibliography,
be sure to review the Annotated Bibliography section on the library
Any further questions can be answered in this week’s Live Classroom
with your instructor portion of the module, which will focus on how to
create an annotated bibliography.

With your proposal and any other research that you conduct, you
will need to find resources to support your topic and then reference
them in order to give credit where credit is due. Annotated
bibliographies are typically used for academic research papers, but they
can also be useful tools for professional reports and proposals. In an
annotated bibliography, each reference includes an additional summary
that describes the content and explains why the source is useful. In
your summary explain why the source is included in the bibliography. As
you summarize each source, make sure you identify the main idea that
will be highlighted. Construct your summary around the meaning and value
of each source and establish a connection of the source to the
proposal. You must distinguish credible and accurate types of materials
to support the main concept of the proposal and recognize the context of
your sources.

For your annotated bibliography, include at least five sources, of
which two must be from scholarly journals. To locate your sources, you
will need to utilize effective search tools within the databases to
distinguish relevant academic and professional sources. Use the
databases in the library to locate the scholarly resources. The
databases can be found in the Library Resources tab.

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