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reply to the following posts with 100 words each and a source

1) Being in an environment where you can share your ideas with like minded individuals is critical in the world of innovation. Often times, people have ideas that are not full and complete ideas but are bits and pieces that could eventually be combined with past or future ideas. Those ideas tend to marinate over time and take years to become beneficial to the innovator (Denning, 2011). In a business environment, it is much more common and widely accepted to combine your ideas with others involved in the idea making process (Denning, 2011). It becomes like a network of innovation where ideas are freely tossed around between different people who ultimately want to achieve a common goal (Denning, 2011). New ways of doing things can sometimes scare people who are afraid of change. There are times that the world is not quite ready for those changes and the idea must wait before it is officially introduced. That could mean months, years, or even centuries before introducing it to the world (Denning, 2011).

Once a new idea is brought forth through management, a lot of times peers tend to not be receptive to the change. However, there is a reason to have a continuous cycle of innovation and change in a business to keep things fresh and new. Behavioral changes promoting the new way of doing something, allowing peers to be involved. They could learn with management in a positive way. This would require management to step up and take the lead in being open to the changes as well (Denning, 2011). If management does not make the necessary positive behavioral changes, then the new ideas of innovators would be shot down before even having the chance to shine. Since management typically focuses more on enforcing current methods, it is important they also take a positive approach to new innovative ideas that could inspire positive impactful change.


2) It is a good idea to share your thoughts with others when you have clarity on what you are thinking about. You want to make sure that you have some kind of process to what you are thinking about. You want to have a process in your head or written down. If you have time you would also want to map out the possibilities of how you can go about the idea that you have in your head, During all of this you do not want to doubt your yourself but think about ways you can go about it. You can share your idea also when you feel comfortable doing so. You do not always have to have a process first. If you do not feel comfortable with your idea just yet then you should not share it. If you would feel comfortable processing your idea first then you should keep it to yourself or if you feel that you won;t get back the feed back that you are looking for then you might feel that it is better to keep it to yourself, Sometimes it is better to collaborate and sometime it is better to keep thing/ideas to yourself. I guess it depends on who it is that you are thinking about sharing your idea with. It depends on if you strongly believe that person would help add value to your idea or if that person wouldn’t contribute and probably put down your idea.

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