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1 page discussion reply needed to peer post..

In your response to a class peer, identify a diversity practice, etc. that they have presented and explain whether or not you think this practice, etc. would work in your industry (the music industry). Why or why not? In your peer post, be sure to remind us what industry you are involved in.

>>>The purpose of this discussion assignment is to share current diversity management practices within your organization and/or industry, and to learn how other industries are approaching diversity management as well.

Use any relevant sources (industry or other) to identify specific diversity management practices, programs, etc., in your industry that might impact organizational function.

Discuss current diversity management practices, programs, etc., currently being deployed within your organization and/or industry.

APA formatting, proper in-text citations, and references are required as applicable.


The craft brewing industry is one that is not typically diverse. Although the trend is slowly changing, it is predominately a white male dominated industry (Herz, 2019). This sentiment was also presented by Holl (2019) with respect to the customer base for craft beer and how the industry needs to be more inclusive. Similar findings were articulated by Long, Velikova, Dodd and Scott-Halsell (2018) indicating that women and minorities are a segment which has not typically been targeted by craft breweries, but is slowly increasing. In her most recent study on diversity, Herz (2019) demonstrated that several improvements and changes can be seen in the craft brewing industry to address these problems. In order to improve diversity, she presented certain practices which craft breweries are implementing at the organizational level. They include more inclusive marketing depicting visible minorities and both sexes. Herz (2019) also indicated that industry associations like the Brewers Association and local brewing guilds are conducting seminars and training opportunities on diversity. She even outlines how diversity grant programs exist for craft breweries and how some breweries are even hiring diversity ambassadors (or consultants). In trying to make the craft brewing industry more inclusive with regard to African Americans, Holl (2019) outlined how one black owned brewery even launched the first ever black beer festival. This was done in hope to connect to a wider audience and potentially inspire minorities to learn about craft beer and potentially want to work in the industry, or launch their own brewery.

Specifically, at Bierbrier Brewing, practices were implemented which were very progressive relative to the industry. The organization was extremely diverse in terms of age, religion and gender. One area of improvement could be in terms of visible minorities. Half the organization consisted of people who were over 55 years of age or older. As well almost half of the employees, both in production and other functions, were female. Employees came from various backgrounds, ethnicities and practiced different religions. Roughly twenty percent of the employees were visible minorities, most of whom were recent immigrants to the country. Robbins and Judge (2018) outlined how discrimination can occur in the workplace, highlighting age, gender and race. One source of discrimination which they presented related to PTSD as a hidden disability. The organization hired many former military veterans (some recently deployed in combat zones) and as such had to deal with several employees who had this condition. As demonstrated, Bierbrier Brewing was not the typical craft brewery as presented by the industry.

There was never any formal diversity plan put in place, nor was there ever any diversity training. The organization always focused on hiring the right person for the job simply based on ability and skill. One summer the company had all men working in the brewery production. The next summer, three quarters of the brewing staff were women. There were no guidelines relating to this and it grew organically into a very diverse organization. Perhaps implementing formal diversity training, code of conduct, and hiring guidelines would be helpful to ensure continuity of these practices and maintain a diverse workforce.


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