introduce pad purpose audience and design memo 1

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Be sure to include a PAD Memo (included in your Project 1):

  • In addition to the three deliverables in the document series, remember to attach the PAD (purpose, audience, design) self-reflective memo about the choices you made in your document series. Unlike the document series, which is situated within a realistic scenario, the PAD memo should be addressed to your instructor with the purpose of explaining the rhetorical choices you have made. By reflecting on your genre, content, style, formatting, and organization choices, you can make the argument that you understand the genre expectations and have effectively and intentionally chosen the best option for each deliverable in your scenario. I suggest using section headings to discuss either Purpose, Audience, and Design separately, or to discuss each deliverable separately (Deliverable 1, Deliverable 2, Deliverable 3). (This is what you need to do in this assignment)

This is was the assignment that I did in first draft (first draft is attached) : The old assignment includes

first Deliverable: (letter ) response to scenario 4

second Deliverable: (e-mail ) response to scenario 4

third Deliverable: (MEMO ) response to scenario 4


As the quality control supervisor at Aero Coast, you make sure that the structural repairs on wide body passenger and freight aircraft are completed in compliance with all federal regulations. Aero Coast specializes in re-fitting aircraft and they have developed quite a reputation for innovative structural designs. In addition, Aero Coast is known for their attention to detail and finishing projects on time.

You and the team have just completed a structural re-design to the interior of a plane that will be used to ship mini-widgets overseas. The re-design focused on customized racking systems to hold the sensitive mini-widgets in place on the long flight. About four hours after the plane has left, you get a text from the pilot. The plane has been grounded in the northeast because of “improper aircraft configuration.” The lens covers on the emergency lighting system are not FAA specified.

After a few calls, you find a line mechanic that can make the necessary repairs, but he can’t get there for about 24 hours. You call the client and deliver the bad news–the flight will be delayed by a day. The client, Global Widget Freight, has been with Aero Coast for about three years, and you have a solid business relationship. They account for about 17% of your annual revenue, but they’ve just been bought out.

You have some work to do to keep people happy and to make sure this type of problem does not happen again.

3 Deliverables

Based on the scenario above, your deliverables will be the following documents:

  • document to Carter Buchanan, VP at Global Widget Freight (Business Apology Letter)
  • document to Bob Gunney, Aero Coast’s inspector who signed off on the completed job (E- mail)
  • document to Ned Masters VP of Aero Coast (Internal Memorandum)

I just want you to include PAD Memo as it is described above

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