Leadership Response

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Initial post

Choose one aspect of the ethical challenges of leadership (information management; responsibility; power; privilege; loyalty; or consistency) and relate it to a personal situation. Discuss why (or why not) this was a difficult challenge to undertake or deal with.

In your initial posting, don’t forget to include references to your readings in the text citing page numbers as it relates to your examples (minimum 250 words

respond to this response based on the reading 150 words

“The aspect pf the ethical challenges of leadership that I choose is the challenge of privilege. “Positions of leadership are associated with social and material rewards. Leaders may reap social benefit such as status, privilege, and respect, as well as material benefits such as high salaries and stock options (Johnson p. 367).”I come from a small town in Brazil where politics is a big deal. Meaning that if you vote for the opposite candidate, there is a big chance that you will suffer some kind of work consequence. Before moving here I used to work for the city as a secretary for the health department of the town. “Is it ethical for a leader to take advantage of his or her position to achieve personal power or prestige? (Johnson p. 367).” One year, I decide to vote against the opposite party that I was working for to see if things would change. Shortly after the election, somehow my boss found out what I had done so he decided to transfer me somewhere else. I got transferred to a different department where I would get paid less that I used to and work random hours. It was a complete abuse of power just because of who I voted for. “Abuse of privilege can have far reach consequences (Johnson p. 367).” At the time, it was a very hard to deal with the situation. Not just because of the change of hours and salary, but also because I liked my job. My boss abused his privilege on me for the facts that we didn’t agree with him on politics.”


pp 361-400

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