m8 data visualization using excel 3d maps learning outcomes

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M8 Data visualization using Excel 3D Maps

Learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate proficiency with data visualization using the 3D Maps feature in Microsoft Excel

Access Microsoft Excel


First, use the resource above to familiarize yourself with how to access Microsoft Excel at UWF.

NOTE: To complete the 3D Maps assignments in this course, you will need to access a Windows version of Excel (version 2016 or higher).


Practice with creating 3D maps in Microsoft Excel


Next, if you are new to data visualization features in Microsoft Excel, use the practice exercises provided to create some basic maps. Step-by-step guidance is provided.

These practices exercises are an important use of your time – completing them will help you meet the requirements in the assignment below.


Critical Thinking with your Peers:

To demonstrate you have completed the practice exercises, post to the Excel 3D Maps PRACTICE forum. Please include these items in your posting:

  • 2 points: Attach one MP4 data tour movie file (<20 seconds) created during the practice exercises (with data from the examples on pizza places or vacations priorities).
  • 4 points: Provide a self-evaluation of your posted tour, indicating if you included or forgot to address EACH of these items (each comment is worth 1 point):
    • Tour title – a title in a readable font has been added to the tour
    • Legend has a title – the title is appropriate for the scene in view (and not “Layer 1”)
    • Legend has been resized/moved – all colors/options can be viewed/read during tour
    • Data touring, basic movements – tour includes multiple scenes with movement within and between scenes (e.g., zooming in/out between scenes, rotating to another map area for the next scene, etc.)

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