marketing class

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400 words per question…………..apa cited……..reference page

1. Summarize the case in addition to identifying the market categories in which Sprig operates. Discuss two (2) dilemmas that Sprig’s management is facing?

2. Within the case study several competitors are discussed. Identify a competitor not addressed in the case and discuss the factors that make that competitor similar and different from Sprig. How is Sprig positioned relative to this competitor?

3. Identify two (2) additional target markets upon which Sprig should focus. Within your response identify at least two (2) consumer segments and within each segment identify at least two (2) attributes for each segment. Finally discuss why those attributes would be the best to focus on specific to Sprig.

4. – Identify one of your favorite products that is in the maturity stage of the product lifecycle.

– Discuss how the company has managed and marketed the product in EACH of the stages of the product life cycle from introduction through maturity.

– What has the company done recently to ensure the product remains in the maturity stage and avoids decline?

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