need to answer 25 quiz questions

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1. What is virtualization?

2. Why is it said that cloud computing changes computer resources from capital expenses to operating expenses?

3. What technology enables a cloud to pool virtual machines together?

4. What is an SLA in terms of cloud computing?

5. What is IaaS?


1. What are the five key properties of cloud computing?

2. What is business process as a service?

3. What is the difference between platform as a service and infrastructure as a service?

4. If a home can have it’s own cloud and Dropbox can be thought of as a sort of personal cloud and Google, Amazon, and others provide cloud services and, according to the book, there is such a thing as a cloud of things (like streetlights), provide your own definition of cloud computing.

5. What sort of access restrictions make a private cloud service possibly available over the Internet?

6. Provide 3 actual examples of a community cloud including at least one in New Hampshire.

7. What does the book mean when it describes a hybrid cloud as an encapsulation of two or more cloud deployment models?

8. Speculate on the idea that a cloud of street lights might only be paid for by those who use them.

9. What does it suggest to you that hybrid cloud components might need to share data?

10. Discuss the difference between a composition and an aggregation.

11. What does the author mean when he says that “with the higher level of abstraction provided by encapsulation, details such as how a cloud cell is built are not important.”?

12. How does ‘federation’ give the customer access to a ‘global marketplace of cloud services’?

13. How might a cloud cell ‘expose’ its services to another cloud or ‘advertise’ its resources to another cloud?

14. How could one ‘leverage’ cloud cell functionality to ‘provide an increasing marginal utility with usage’?

15. What does it mean that ‘cloud patterns are implemented by cells, and they provide a template for a given cloud service’?

16. Differentiate between composition and aggregation in cloud terminology

17. Discuss Failure Safety in the cloud context.

18. What is Federation in the cloud? Differentiate from composition.

19. Why is interoperability or integration the main concern with Federation?

20. Why is cloning of cloud cell’s useful?

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