need to write about decision making

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Assignment 5

Having read the assigned chapters, complete the following:

Complete the assignment in a Word Document, and then submit the file to the Drop Box provided, according to the due date on the Calendar.

We have read the whole text, we have addressed many topics in discussion and short answer, now we move to “Examine and predict best practices for decision making”. For this assignment, we will use a tool that assesses your effectiveness in examining and predicting best practices for decision making, by using the Critical Thinking Rubric. Review the Rubric to understand clear expectations. Apply the Decision-Making Model to a case of your choice from the text.

There is no requirement with regards to length or word count for each short answer, simply convey a clear understanding of the chapter material and convey that understanding through the required assignment. The assignment will be graded for understanding the topic, providing a clear discussion of such, as well as utilizing correct grammar. Grade: 14% of total grade, including proper grammar

Critical Thinking Rubric


Excellent (3)

Acceptable (2)

Unacceptable (1)


Explanation of Issues

Score: ________

Issue(s)/problem(s) to be considered critically is stated clearly and described comprehensively, delivering all relevant information necessary for full understanding.

Issue(s)/problem(s) to be considered critically is stated, described, and clarified so that understanding is not seriously impeded by omissions.

Issue(s)/problem(s) to be considered critically is stated without clarification or description.


(selecting and using information to investigate a

point of view or conclusion)

Score: ________

Information is taken from source(s) with enough interpretation/evaluation to develop a comprehensive analysis or synthesis and viewpoints of experts are questioned thoroughly.

Information is taken from source(s) with some interpretation/evaluation, but was not enough to develop a coherent analysis or synthesis and viewpoints of experts are taken as mostly fact, without questioning.

Information is taken from source(s) without any interpretation/evaluation and viewpoints of experts are taken as fact without questioning.

Influence of Context and


Score: ________

Thoroughly (systematically and methodically) analyzes own and other assumptions and carefully evaluates the relevance of contexts when presenting position.

Identifies own and others’ assumptions and some relevant contexts when presenting a position.

Shows awareness of present assumptions (sometimes labels assertions as assumptions) and begins to identify some contexts when presenting a position.

Student’s Position (perspective,


Score: ________

Specific position (perspective,

thesis/hypothesis) takes into account the complexities of an issue, limits of the position are acknowledged, and others’ points of view are synthesized within the position.

Specific position (perspective,

thesis/hypothesis) takes into account some of the complexities of an issue, and acknowledges different sides of the issue.

Specific position (perspective, thesis/hypothesis) is stated, but is simplistic and obvious.

Conclusions and Related


(implications and


Score: ________

Conclusions and related outcomes are logical and reflect student’s informed evaluation and ability to place evidence and perspectives discussed in priority order.

Conclusion is logically tied to information (because information is chosen to fit the desired conclusion), some related outcomes are identified clearly.

Conclusion is inconsistently tied to some of the information discussed, related outcomes are oversimplified.

Score Total:____

Rubric Key:


Acceptable 2

Unacceptable 1

I have been asked the question regarding the use of the Rubric, so I want to offer an explanation, to assist with your success for this assignment.

Use the Rubric as a guide for the format of the assignment. For example, when you have to write an essay, you generally have a format to follow and a topic as your content. In as essay, the format is typically an introduction, body and conclusion, and the content is typically a selected topic to covey. Therefore, use the Rubric as your format, to use as your introduction, body and conclusion. Then implement the steps of the Decision-Making model as the content of your essay, so speak. I do not expect this to be in essay format, you can even use the Rubric headings if you wish. Keep it simple for your time management.

Select from all of the cases presented in the textbook, you are not limited to those we covered in assignments, and implement the Decision-Making Model on the case of your choice. You can take liberties if there is not enough information provided, you do not need any outside sources, simply use the planning, organizing leading and controlling tools you have learned in this course. Be creative, and simply show me that you can apply the lessons from this course to a case. This assignment goes beyond simply addressing the Case Questions. It is an application of the lessons throughout the session to apply to a case.

I look forward to your insights and your display of what you have learned.

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