nufs09 watch the videos and website provided and answer the following questions

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Processed vs. whole foods with digestion:

Digestion video:

The Digestive Process – University of Michigan Health System (Links to an external site.)The Digestive Process - University of Michigan Health System

Traditional Approach to treating GERD: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Integrative Approach to treating GERD: (Links to an external site.) (note I am not big on taking herbs and botanicals without further research please skip that section in the reading)

Please watch the video above, review the articles and then answer the questions below:

1. What are some of the current dietary habits that are affecting our intestinal health (please give specific examples from the articles)?

2. Do you know anyone who has Heartburn/GERD? How did they treat their issue?

3. What are 2 issues associated with processed foods and digestion?

4. You may have seen the commercial for Prilosec OTC with Larry the Cable guy, who says just take the drug and eat anything you want. After reading these articles, what do you think about “eating whatever you want”. What should you be eating to keep your digestive tract health?

5. How do you think the standard American diet is affecting people’s intestinal health? Please give specific examples to support your answer.

Topic 2

Celiac’s disease (Links to an external site.)…

Please review the websites above

1. How would you describe this disease? (include specifically what it does to the digestive system)

2. Give 5 symptoms of Celiac’s disease

3. How is it treated? In what ways does the diet need to be adjusted?

4. Name 3 complications of untreated Celiac’s disease

5. What challenges do you see in real life situations with this condition with dietary changes?

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