read articles case study iran and the united states and the iraq war of 2003 apa style minimum 5 pages prepare case analysis of the invasion of iran case

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Read articles: “Case Study: Iran and the United States” and “The Iraq War of 2003”

APA Style minimum 5 pages.

Prepare case analysis of the Invasion of Iran case.

You are required to have a minimum of 5 academic scholarly journal articles from the KU online library on decision making to support your opinions and analysis of the case decisions.

Strong ties from your analysis to decision making theories and concepts learned in weeks 1-6 are also expected.



Barzegar, K. (2014). Iran–US relations in the light of the nuclear negotiations. The international spectator, 49(3), 1-7.

Duncombe, C. (2017). Twitter and transformative diplomacy: social media and Iran–US relations. International Affairs, 93(3), 545-562.

Ronen, Y. (2010). The Iran nuclear issue. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Kar, M. (2003). The invasion of the private sphere in iran. Social Research, 70(3), 829-836. Retrieved from

Mansour, I. (2008). Iran and instability in the middle east: How preferences influence the regional order. International Journal, 63(4), 941-964. doi:

Gasiorowski, M. (2007). The new aggressiveness in iran’s foreign policy. Middle East Policy, 14(2), 125-132. Retrieved from

Kessler, M. (2006). Sandstorm: Policy failure in the middle east. Middle East Policy, 13(1), 132-135. Retrieved from

Ayubi, S. (2008). Strategic interests in the middle east: Opposition and support for US foreign policy. Choice, 45(10), 1851. Retrieved from…


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