rhetoric assignment 1

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Instructions: For this two-part assignment, refer to class notes from Unit 5: Rhetoric.

PART ONE: In class, we discussed the different types of rhetoric (e.g., deliberative, forensic, epideictic)

(1) Define each of the three types of rhetoric, providing an example for each.

PART TWO: In class, we also discussed five canons of rhetoric (e.g., invention, arrangement, style, memory, delivery). You will need to know each canon to complete this next part.

(2) Please watch this video: https://www.ted.com/talks/sherry_turkle_alone_together, then answer each of the following questions (using complete sentences):

  • What were the major arguments offered by the speaker? What other arguments were missing that could have made their speech better?
  • How was the speech organized?
  • What sort of style was used during the speech? What sort of words were chosen? What stylistic choices do you think were made?
  • How was the speech delivered (i.e., from memory, from notes, extemporaneously)?
  • What sort of delivery techniques (i.e., gestures, eye contact, vocal inflections, etc.) did you notice during the speech?

(3) Now it is your turn. You are tasked with giving a motivational speech in COMM 104. Consider the 5 canons of rhetoric in designing your speech and, below, indicate what choices you would make regarding each canon (and explain why).

  • Invention (i.e., what is your topic and what arguments will you make?):
  • Arrangement (i.e., how will you organize your arguments?):
  • Style (i.e., what language will you use to present your arguments?):
  • Memory (i.e., will you memorize your speech?):
  • Delivery (i.e., what nonverbal behaviors will you use during your speech?):

This assignment aligns with Course Learning Outcomes 1, 2, and 3.

A completed hardcopy of this assignment will be due at the beginning of your next class meeting.

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