street management class critical thinking questions

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Hello i want someone to help me with my assignment.

Please answer the following 3 questions from the book ( Tools for Mindful Living ) chapter 5

and the book ( Life By Personal Design ) chapters 2 & 3

Q1. Chapter 5 of Tools is all about paying attention to your body. Sit back and take 3 deep breaths. Now, close your eyes and slowly do a body scan starting at the top of your head and ending at the toes of your feet. Identify any areas that are tight. How can doing this a couple of times a day help you with handling your stress? Please use complete sentences.

Q2- What does it mean to you to eat foods that are in harmony with your body (Chapter 2 of Life)? Please pull 3 examples from the reading to support your thoughts and share how you will personally apply these to your life. It is expected that you will provide a paragraph for each example (5-7 sentences).

Q3- What body type/types do you identify with (Chapter 3 of Life)? What type/types of exercises do you currently participate in or want to incorporate into your life? Please explain how you believe exercise helps both our physical and emotional health. Please use complete sentences when answering the 3 questions posed above.

my body type is : mesomorph and the sport i like to do is Boxing .

please make sure the answers from the book and cite and Quotes everything you get from the book.

thank you

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