the article i need must be about high blood sugar and alter mental status relationship

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In the professional literature, locate an evidenced based practice or research article in a professional peer review nursing journal (this is not a journal with one editor, this is not a medical or physician journal, this is not an on-line nursing forum – this is a journal with peer nursing editors – use the Oakton library CINAHL Plus Full-Text via EBSCO database) that relates to your patient. This can be anything related to your patient. Ideally the article has been published within the last 5 years, if the article is older than 5 years obtain your clinical faculty’s approval before completing the analysis. Need help finding an appropriate article from the professional literature? Oakton’s library personnel are available to help you.

Utilizing APA format and 12-font, double-spaced layout, summarize the article (provide main themes and conclusions of the article – be sure to cite each thought/idea that is from the article) and give your thoughts on how this article could impact nursing practice. Your finished paper should be 1-2 pgs of content (excluding title page and reference page). This should be submitted as a separate paper and attached to the care plan. Need help with APA formatting? Do a google search of “Perdue Owl APA” for a quick and easy reference. Be sure to cite correctly to avoid plagiarism. Attach your article to the paper. Do not reference your patient in the paper – this is an article review. You should introduce the article and its main topic, summarize the evidence and conclude with referencing its value to nursing.

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