write the outline and introduction

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Outline: What I’d like is a focus on the organization of the report’s ideas and the sources that coincide. I don’t care so much about using a typical outline approach with Roman numerals and all that jazz (but you’re welcome to use that approach if it’s most comfortable). Instead, I’m concerned about where your sources will be applied and the breakdown of your overall organization. You’re welcome to use the following set-up and method:




Preview Content



List and Group sources

Current State

List and Group sources


List and Group sources


Summarize main points

Make Conclusions

Connect report to larger field (why is this an important business issue?)

There are 3 sections (Intro, Findings, and Conclusion). Within the Findings section, you’ll organize the content into headings and subheadings to help breakdown the work into more manageable reading chunks (just like the sample student reports—again use them as models to help you with your own work!). The Intro and Conclusion don’t have any headings or subheadings. You’re welcome to start thinking about heading and subheading titles that would be used in the Findings section (because History, Current State, and Future and rather general titles used here to remind you of the arc of the report’s content). Here is where you should turn to your source worksheets for help. The Connections section, especially, should be filled with helpful information. Here’s another example of our work this term being purposed and put to use. So thank yourself for all the hard work you put into your Annotated Bibliography, as you’re now reaping the rewards.

Intro: Write a fully formed introduction for your eventual report from the outlined content for the Intro section. A report’s intro is different from many other genres in that you can actually write an intro BEFORE the rest of the writing. With an essay, you can’t do that because essay writing (with arguments and evidences) tends to unfurl as it’s being written with shifts and changes occurring often. When an argument shifts, so does the rest of the essay and, in turn, the introduction. But a report is NOT thesis driven and is based in researched source content. So, you’re building your work from the sources you’ve found, not trying to prove an argument with evidence you might not have yet found.

Typically, intros are around 200-250 words and split into two paragraphs. But at this stage aim to be inclusive with your content; it’s always easier to cut back than it is to add. Introductions cover only 3 elements (see prompt): state the issue or problem, provide brief background info and the big picture, and preview the report’s content. That’s it! It sounds formulaic because it is. See this as a good thing. The first paragraph usually includes the problem and background, while the second paragraph is devoted solely to the report’s preview. Don’t do anything more than that. If you have a lot of background content, perhaps it belongs in the history heading of the Findings section of the actual report and not in the intro—things to think about. The introduction is for your readers, so think of your peers as you are writing. What would they need to know about your report’s approach before reading the Findings?

I put two examples and the sources you have summarized

topic:should company use technology to facilitate employees to work at home

If the company should use technology to facilitate employees to work at home. What technology should they use to support employees? what are the benefits and risks for employees and company? If the company should not use technology to facilitate employees to work at work. why? and is there any benefits and risks for the company and employees?

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