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First present a narrative with an argument for the claim “Killing another human being is always morally wrong” and another argument against that claim. Use at least one premise and one conclusion indicator, marking them with underline, boldface, italics, a combination of these, or a parenthetical expression such as ‘(premise indicator)’ and ‘(conclusion indicator). After doing this, reconstruct the two arguments organizing its premises and conclusion in logical order, and numbering them with ‘P1,’ ‘P2,’ …’C1,’ C2,’ etc. . Edit your work, check that it has between 300 and 600 words, and submit.

To receive full credit your Writing Project 2 should

1. Have a narrative section arguing for the claim that killing another human being is always morally wrong. [5 points]

2. Have another narrative section, one arguing for the claim that killing another human being is sometimes morally permissible. [5 points]

3. Feature at least one premise indicator and one conclusion indicator in each of these two narrative sections. All of them should be clearly marked by either boldface, italics, or something else. [5 points]

4. Have a complete and concise reconstruction of each argument at the end of each section, with premises and conclusions numbered and in logical order (conclusion last). [5 points]

5. Be authentic (your own work), written in proper academic English, with full sentences that have been edited, and have between 300 and 600 words. [5 points]

Do your own writing. Plagiarism is a very serious offense. Assignments that do not meet this condition will earn 0 point with no possibility of re-submission.

If all conditions are met, you will earn up to 25 bonus points with this work. For details on the grading policies, please check the instructions in GUIDES TO WRITING, “Content” under the MATERIALS menu.

All assignments will be evaluated within a week after the submission deadline.

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