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eflect on the following questions, and be prepared to address them during your appointment:

What was or is “The Question” you came to this class with? (ex: “What major should I choose?” “What specific job or field should I explore?” “What kind of jobs can I get with my degree?” “How do I find a job?” “What happens after I leave Loyola?” etc.).

  • Why was/is this your “Question?” How is it important to you?
  • What was/is challenging to you about it?
  • What theories or concepts that we covered in class might help you understand or explain your “question” or process (ex: Pryor and Bright’s Chaos Theory of Careers, Marcia’s Identity Statuses, Daloz Park’s Shipwreck, Arnett’s Emerging Adulthood…).

In reflecting on all of your self-assessment information (MBTI, YouScience, Skills, Values, Family/Roles, and external influences like culture, gender, etc.) and the synthesis activity/wandering map we worked on in class…

  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • What connections and themes did you see among these assessments?
  • What are some contradictions in the assessment results?What do those contradictions mean to you?
  • How has your family influenced your career choices thus far? How about external influences like culture, gender, etc.?
  • Connect some of these themes and ideas to specific majors and/or careers that you might be interested in exploring further.

Given the ideas you have generated about major and career possibilities…

  • What now? How do you feel about your original Question? (Was it the correct question to ask?Did other questions emerge? Are you closer to an answer?)
  • What else would you like to know before deciding on a major/career/etc.?
  • What information do you feel like you still need to help you move forward or make a decision? What are the gaps in your knowledge (of self, work, world, etc.)?

my major is bioinformatics

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